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Cover Brace For Impact Gun Barrel

..they do care to give to their audience music that will set their CD players on fire and make them bang their heads from the first till the last note...

Now, in case, you haven’t listened to this band yet let me tell you that they have all the things that we love in the traditional metal sound. They are unconventional, their songs have the touch of freedom and the whole album travels you back to the glory of the 80’s metal. Actually it makes you think that this is a release coming from the 80’s. So, if you are a fan of JUDAS PRIEST, SAXON, AC/DC and MOTORHEAD, then this is a release that you have to check out. Also I want to pin point the song that closes the album which has the title “Big Taboo”… It has a BLACK SABBATH touch that really sticks in your mind. GUN BARREL, thank god (and when I mean god, I mean Rob Halford) haven’t changed and they are still alive and kicking spreading their metal to the metalheads…. Prepare yourselves for the impact!


Nick “Verkaim” Parastatidis - BEHIND THE VEIL

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